Envision a future where pets and their owners are even more closely bonded. A future where bringing your furry friend to work is commonplace for the majority of people, not just a select few. Find out how!



At Purina, we passionately believe that pets and people are better together.


We strive to enable more individuals to enjoy the incredible benefits that pets offer, including better health and happier workplaces. Our goal is to help make pet-friendly workplaces a reality for everyone. Learn how to establish your own Pets at Work Initiative.


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I'm An Employer

Discover the steps for setting up a Pets at Work scheme and the ways your employers and business will benefit.

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I'm An Employee

Everything you need to know about getting a Pets At Work scheme up and running where you work – including suggestions for pitching the idea to your boss.

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The Benefits of Pets at Work

Did you know that having pets in the workplace reduces stress, promotes happiness and increases collaboration? Watch our video to find out more about the benefits.


Pets at Work Toolkit

So your workplace has made the leap and decided to become pet-friendly? Congratulations! We’re ready to help with our best suggestions. We made this kit to help you get started.

Inside Our Kit

  • Pet Etiquette 101: Pets at Work programmes only work if employees understand just what they’re responsible for.
  • Signs For Your Office: You’re going to want the whole world to know that you’re pet-friendly. You’re also going to want to let pet owners know where their pets can and can’t go in the office space.
  • Pet Pledge: When employees decide to bring pets to work, it’s important that they promise to follow the guidelines your workplace sets out for them.
  • Office Checklist: Pets coming into the office soon? You’re going to want pet owners to know just what to bring. We’ve created a short list for you to pin up in the workplace so they will make sure not to forget something important. 
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Purina Pets at Work Toolkit

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woman at work with dog on her lap while working
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Interested in setting up Pets at Work in your workplace?

We want to use our expertise in allowing pets in our offices to help other companies do the same. If you are interested in making your workplace pet friendly, contact us and we will help you!

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