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Find out how to set up a Pets at Work Initiative at your company. Discover all the business benefits a Pets at Work initiative can bring and the steps you follow to make it happen in your workplace.



Pets have become an integral part of our lives. For many people they are a companion, friends, and a member of their family. With the increasing popularity of pets, many companies (such as Purina Australia) are now allowing their employees to bring their Pets to Work. This trend is not just a fad, but it is a growing trend that has many benefits for both employees and employers.

Creates a Friendly Atmosphere

Pets have a calming effect on people. They can reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. When pets are present in the workplace, they create a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. This can have a positive impact on the employees' productivity and morale. When employees are happy and relaxed, they are more likely to be creative, innovative, and motivated. This can lead to better teamwork, improved communication, and increased job satisfaction.

Pets can also help to break down barriers between employees. They can be a great conversation starter and can help to create a sense of community in the workplace. When employees are comfortable with each other, they are more likely to collaborate and work together effectively.

Seen as a Privilege and a Benefit

Allowing pets in the workplace shows that the company cares about its employees and is willing to go the extra mile to make them happy. This can lead to increased loyalty and commitment from employees. When employees feel valued and appreciated, they are more likely to stay with the company for the long term.

Pets at work can also be a great perk for employees who have pets at home. It can even save them money on pet daycare or pet-sitting services. This can be a significant benefit for employees who have pets that require a lot of attention or have medical needs.

Helps to Attract Exciting New Talent

In today's competitive job market, companies need to do everything they can to attract and retain top talent. Allowing pets in the workplace can be a great way to do this. Many job seekers are looking for companies that offer unique and innovative benefits, as well as being a great selling point for companies that want to stand out from the competition.

Pets at work can also be a great way to attract employees who are passionate about animals. These employees may be more likely to be loyal and committed to the company because they share the same values and interests with.

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Pets at Work Toolkit

So your workplace has made the leap and decided to become pet-friendly? Congratulations! We’re ready to help and we made this kit to help you get started. Click here to access our Pets At Work Toolkit.

Inside Our Kit: 

  • Pet Etiquette 101: Pets at Work programmes only work if employees understand just what they’re responsible for.
  • Signs For Your Office: You’re going to want the whole world to know that you’re pet-friendly. You’re also going to want to let pet owners know where their pets can and can’t go in the office space.
  • Pet Pledge: When employees decide to bring pets to work, it’s important that they promise to follow the guidelines your workplace sets out for them.
  • Office Checklist: Pets coming into the office soon? You’re going to want pet owners to know just what to bring. We’ve created a short list for you to pin up in the workplace so they will make sure not to forget something important.
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Purina Pets at Work Toolkit

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