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Want to make bringing your pet to work a reality for your workplace? Follow our tips!



Be a change – maker!

If you're passionate about the idea of having pets in the workplace, you can be a change-maker and help make it happen! By dispelling common misconceptions and presenting a compelling argument to your employer, introducing pets to your workplace can be a reality.


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Convince Your Employers

If you're considering introducing pets into your workplace, it's important to convince your employer.

One of the biggest benefits of having Pets at Work is to help with stress. Studies have shown that having pets around can help lower blood pressure and reduce anxiety levels. This can lead to a more relaxed and productive work environment. Additionally, pets can help increase collaboration among employees. They can serve as a conversation starter and help break down barriers between colleagues.

Another benefit of having pets at work is the transformation of the working culture. By introducing pets, you can create a more relaxed and friendly atmosphere. This can lead to improved job satisfaction and employee morale. Additionally, having pets at work can help attract and retain talent. Many job seekers are looking for companies that offer unique and innovative benefits, and pets at work can be a great selling point.

Before bringing pets into your workplace, there are several factors however that need to be considered. It's important to ensure that all employees are comfortable with the idea and that there are no allergies or safety concerns. By having clear guidelines and rules for pet behaviour, this concern can however be alleviated.

cartoon of man and dog walking to the elevator

3 Key steps to check

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Benefits of pets to work

It’s important to make sure dogs are allowed into your workplace. You may need to check this with your boss or landlord – or both – first.

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Get your leaders on board

The Pets at Work toolkit is packed with facts, research, and a ready-to-use pitch, to help you get your boss as excited at the prospect of having pets at work as you are.

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Appoint a project team

If you or a small team show a willingness to take the lead on implementing Pets at Work, it will really help get the leadership on board, and help the scheme run smoothly.

Pets at Work Toolkit

So your workplace has made the leap and decided to become pet-friendly? Congratulations! We’re ready to help and we made this kit to help you get started. Click here to access our Pets At Work Toolkit.

Inside Our Kit: 

  • Pet Etiquette 101: Pets at Work programmes only work if employees understand just what they’re responsible for.
  • Signs For Your Office: You’re going to want the whole world to know that you’re pet-friendly. You’re also going to want to let pet owners know where their pets can and can’t go in the office space.
  • Pet Pledge: When employees decide to bring pets to work, it’s important that they promise to follow the guidelines your workplace sets out for them.
  • Office Checklist: Pets coming into the office soon? You’re going to want pet owners to know just what to bring. We’ve created a short list for you to pin up in the workplace so they will make sure not to forget something important.
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Purina Pets at Work Toolkit

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