Asian woman carrying husky puppy

Choosing A Pet?

The Purina Breed Library is your source of information on dog and cat breeds in Australia. Whether you’re investigating if an Affenpinscher will join you on your morning jog, or the Ragdoll Cat truly is as laid back as they say - we can help!

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Asian woman carrying husky puppy
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Cat Food Range

It starts with understanding your cat and the nutrients they need.

As a result, our pet food is more than just a mix of ingredients. It's a recipe for a great life.

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Dog Food Range

We formulate our dog food based on a complete and balanced blend

of ingredients to provide the nutrients that will support their overall health.

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Our Passion

Bringing pets and people together, is our passion. We’ve partnered with animal shelters, support Australian pet businesses, and developed policies on how to make your workplace pet friendly.

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Young man carrying a small dog

PetCare Advice & Articles

Dog eating from bowl
Feeding Adult Dogs

Optimize your dog's health with a balanced diet. Learn feeding tips to ensure their wellbeing.

Boy and dog in the garden
Dogs and Children

Encourage the development of children through the companionship of pets.

Red cat meowing while looking upwards
Cat Meow Meaning

Understand what your cat's meow means and decode their emotions.