Office Checklist

A collar and lead
A lead will keep your dog contained at your desk and it is easy to keep them with you when walking through the office and taking a break outside.

An identity tag on their collar
Having your contact information on a pet’s collar is crucial so that if they get away from you, your colleagues know who to return them too

Bowls for fresh drinking water
Keeping your pet hydrated throughout the day is very important – especially if they are running around the office or getting excited with all the attention they are attracting for the day.

Providing your colleagues with treats to give to your pet is a great positive way for people to meet your pet and develop a great friendship. Providing treats also helps you maintain their food intake for the day as we all know the little extra do add up!

Providing your pet with toys is a great way to keep them occupied, the PetLife Playsystems are a great toy to give your pet when you are in meeting as they stimulate their mind as well as keeping them out of trouble. Toys are also great for meeting new friends and giving your colleagues a chance to play!
Plastic poo bags
Plastic poo bags are a must if you are bring your dog into the office, a great way to never forget them is to get a poo bag dispenser that attaches to your dogs lead, this way you’ll never forget them! It is always handy to give a spare refill in your desk drawer.

Pet-safe disinfectant or Carpet cleaner
This is just in case accidents happen! You can clean up the accident without adding harsh chemicals, pet friendly cleaners often are enzymatic cleaners which breakdown the ammonia in the spot reducing the risk of your pet going in the same area again.

Litter box
A litter box is essential if you are bringing a cat in to the office, although most cats are private toileters, some may simply not be able to hold it all day until they can home to the comfort of their own litter tray.

Cat carrier
Cat carriers are a must if you are taking your cat into the office, this way are contained during the trip into the office and it will also give them a place to hide it they get overwhelmed.

Pet beds or crates
Pet beds and crates are ideal for when your pets wants to take a nap or simply want to take a break from all the excitement of the office.

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