Cat Articles

At Purina we share your passion for your cat and we want to help you in maintaining their health and happiness. You’ll find everything you need to know to properly care for your feline friend to ensure they’re a happy and healthy cat.


Boredom Busters For Cats

Is your cat bored? Entertain a bored cat with our cat boredom busters. Ensure your cat doesn't resort to negative behaviour due to boredom. Read more


Reasons Why Cats Attack

Is your cat suddenly being aggressive to you, other humans or other cats? Learn the reasons why your cat is aggressive and ways to stop them attacking. Read more


How Do Cats Show Love?

From purring to showing you their belly, cats show their love in different ways. Learn the signs that your cat loves you and how cats show affection. Read more


Playing With Your Cat

Learn why cat play is important, how to go about playing with your cat and discover our top cat games that promote physical activity. Read more


Living With Cats And Dogs In Harmony

Learn how to introduce cats and dogs to live harmoniously with each other, and how to provide them the best environment for a healthy relationship together. Read more


5 Things Your Cat Can Do Better Than You

Discover five things cats are better at than humans. Cats vs. humans; cats definitely win when it comes to night vision and hearing! Read more