Simple Difference. Same Delight.

You may notice some variations in the appearance of your cats food as we make these exciting and delicious updates.


From the very beginning the team at Fancy Feast® has been committed to offering gourmet recipes that are carefully crafted and made with high quality ingredients. That's why were proud to be crafting many of our recipes with no artificial colours and preservatives. Because for Fancy Feast®, Love is in the Details™ is more than just a saying - it's something we take to heart with every recipe we make.


What You May Notice


We made some exciting updates to our delicious recipes that may change the appearance of your cat’s food.

Have a question about our recipe change? We've carefully curated a list of common queries and provided detailed answers below.


What changes are being made to FANCY FEAST recipes and FANCY FEAST ingredients?

As part of our commitment to providing exceptional cat food made with high-quality ingredients, we’re updating many of our recipes to be crafted without added artificial colors or preservatives.

When will I see products with updated recipes?

Grilled, Classic Pate, Gravy Lover, Flaked, Chunky, Sliced, Kitten & Delights with Cheddar will all be changing at different times.

Because we work to ensure our recipes meet our standards and your expectations, dates and availability of when our no artificial colours or preservative updates are available may change between recipes.

Why does my cat’s FANCY FEAST look different?

As we update our recipes to remove artificial preservatives and colors you may notice variations in the entree's appearance. Our recipes feature the same high quality and exceptional gourmet taste you expect from FANCY FEAST.

Why is FANCY FEAST removing artificial colour and preservatives from recipes?

We’re always listening to feedback and input from cat owners, and we feel removing artificial preservatives and colors allows us to meet the preferences of cat lovers while also providing delicious, high-quality food for their companions.

I don’t see the 100% complete and balanced icon on the can anymore? Is my cat’s FANCY FEAST still 100% complete and balanced?

All FANCY FEAST wet food recipes are 100% complete and balanced for adult cats. We are now highlighting the “no added artificial colors or preservatives” icon on our cans. You can find full nutritional details for each recipe in the Product section of Purina website.

Where are FANCY FEAST cans made?

FANCY FEAST® Grilled, Gravy Lovers and Classic range is manufactured and produced in our Nestle Purina® PetCare Rayong factory in Thailand.  


How much FANCY FEAST should I feed my cat?

Feeding instructions vary by recipe. Check product labels or the Purina website to learn how much FANCY FEAST you should feed your cat.

Is FANCY FEAST good for cats?

Yes. FANCY FEAST is good for cats. Every entrée provides complete and balanced nutrition that is healthy for your cat. And nothing that is bad for cats. You can find more nutrition information on product labels or our product descriptions.

Is FANCY FEAST safe for cats?

Yes. FANCY FEAST is safe to feed and can be fed with confidence. Purina selects cat food ingredients for nutrition that helps your cat live her best life possible. Every ingredient in FANCY FEAST can be traced to trusted Purina sources, and every product Purina produces passes through thousands of quality and safety checks before it’s ready for your cat’s bowl. Purina knows you want the best for your cat and so does every team member at Purina. Visit website to learn more.

Is FANCY FEAST good for kittens?

Yes. FANCY FEAST is good for kittens. Each nourishing kitten entrée is made with real proteins, plus essential vitamins and minerals to support growing kittens. You can find more information on product labels or the Purina website.

What ingredients are in FANCY FEAST?

FANCY FEAST offers a variety of irresistible recipes, so the ingredients list is too long to provide here. Every recipe provides high-quality ingredients for complete and balanced nutrition. Learn more on package labels or the range on our website.


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