Our Cat Brands


Purina proudly offers a diverse assortment of cat food products and an accessory brand in Australia, tailored to meet the needs of cats at every life stage. From energetic kittens to senior felines, our range caters to their unique requirements and even addresses specific health conditions. With a steadfast commitment to your pet's well-being, our products are carefully crafted to promote their overall health and ensure their lasting happiness.


fancy feast logo

FANCY FEAST offers a wide variety of gourmet cat food options made from high-quality ingredients.

felix logo

FELIX cat food provides a delectable and nutritious range of meals that cats adore.

friskies logo

FRISKIES offers a wide variety of flavourful cat food options that cats find irresistible.

purina one logo

PURINA ONE cat food range supports overall feline health and wellbeing with balanced nutrition.

total care logo

TOTAL CARE offers pet accessories for both cats and dogs for their well-being and enjoyment.

pro plan logo

PRO PLAN offers a premium range of scientifically formulated food for both dogs and cats.

pro plan veterinary diets logo

PRO PLAN Veterinary Diets are designed for dogs and cats with specific health conditions.

pro plan veterinary supplements logo

Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Supplements offers advanced support and care for your pet.