How to design a cat friendly garden

Oct 23, 2019

Even if your lounge is a statement piece, it’s sure to look a little bare without the addition of a throw. As well as adding texture to create a warm and welcoming feel, it’s super practical when there’s a chill in the air.

Of course, when you have a cat, you need to make exceptions. She will obviously claim a throw as hers and leave her stamp – i.e. hair – all over it. So whatever you choose, it’s a good idea to check it can be washed, ideally in a machine. Also search for fabrics your cat won’t easily get her claws stuck in.

Here’s a roundup of the latest throws, from easy-care budget options right through to luxury designer pieces, which will double up as the perfect cat blanket.

Back to basics

A common interior design trick is to mix and match designer and budget pieces. While you may have a cushion that cost the price of a small car, a basic throw could be the perfect complement. Here are a couple of finds.

Sun and shade

A nice mix of big plants, pots and wooden structures give cats exactly what they want—shade on hot days and sun on the cooler days. We know the happiest cats are content cats, so designing a few nice areas for your cat to enjoy will only enhance the beauty of your garden.

In a yard, large shrubs or small trees provides a cool area to relax and a safe surface to scratch. For smaller spaces, a roomy container filled with bushier, taller plants provides a natural parasol to sunny corners or paved areas. Another essential part of keeping your cat cool and healthy in the garden is to supply a continuous source of fresh water – a cat fountain in a shady spot is ideal.

If your cat enjoys being outside even when it’s cold or raining, placing a wooden box or having an outdoor cat house will keep them safe and cosy.

Feeling crafty?

Why buy it when you can make it? That’s the mantra of Australia’s growing community of knitters. So why not try your hand at a throw? It’s as easy as the beginner’s staple – a scarf – only bigger. Drop into your local wool supplier and choose your favourite colours. It’s a sure-fire way to get the perfect throw to suit your individual taste.

New to knitting? Using a beginner’s basic knit-purl stitch, you can create a chunky knit throw that retails for hundreds of dollars in the shops. For a great range of tips, check out this beginner's resource on Pinterest.