Does my dog have a sensitive stomach?

Just like us, dogs can suffer from digestive issues and stomach sensitivity. If you suspect your dog has a sensitive digestive system, there are three main signs to look for – loose stools, flatulence and/or sensitivity to a change in diet.

More things to look out for

Dogs can occasionally experience diarrhoea or loose stools, which may be a sign of microflora imbalance, but this often settles down by itself. If your dog’s stools are frequently soft and poorly formed, a sensitive digestive system could be the cause.

Is your dog frequently scratching or chewing at their paws as well? That’s not unusual, as skin and stomach sensitivities can often go hand in hand. Either way, it’s a good idea to seek some advice from your local pet store or visit your vet, who can help diagnose the problem and recommend the best solution.

How does the digestive system work?

70% of your dog’s immune cells are found in the digestive system, protecting the body from toxins and creating a barrier between your dog and the harmful microbes of the outside world.

The digestive system also has the job of absorbing nutrients from food, converting them into energy and excreting anything indigestible.

A strong digestive system can help keep your dog healthy and enjoying life to the fullest

The right diet counts

Dogs who experience digestive discomfort may benefit from a scientifically developed dog food for digestive health. PRO PLAN Sensitive Digestion with OPTIDIGEST is made with high quality ingredients for improved digestibility and nutrient absorption, as well as prebiotics that improve microflora balance, promote faecal consistency and overall digestive health. It contains a blend of nutrients adjusted for different ages and sizes of dog, and can be fed to dogs and puppies with sensitive digestion.

If your dog suffers from skin irritations or stomach upsets, adverse food reactions or intolerance to ingredients can be one of the causes. Symptoms of sensitivity vary and it can be difficult to determine the source, but you may find that both the skin and the digestive system are both affected. PRO PLAN Sensitive Skin & Stomach with OPTIRESTORE is a combination product to support skin conditions and stomach health.

With a range of formulas specifically developed for dogs with skin, stomach or digestive sensitivities, consider PRO PLAN for your dog.

Switch over gradually

Although you will be keen to see the difference PRO PLAN can make in your dog, please allow seven to ten days to ease this transition from their current food. Each day simply feed a little less of the previous food and a little more of PRO PLAN until you are feeding PRO PLAN exclusively. A gradual transition will help avoid any dietary upsets.

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