We believe that a healthy pet has the power to touch our hearts, lift our spirits, and open our eyes to new adventures. We also know that nutrition is the driving force behind their vitality. The best pet nutrition is achieved through a complete and balanced food that is of the highest quality and backed by deep expertise. It has the power to transform lives. This philosophy underpins our three commitments to you and your pet.

1. We’ll continue to pioneer nutritional breakthroughs

Backed by a team of over 500 pet nutritionists and vets, we’re always anticipating pets’ evolving needs and reimagining what nutrition can achieve. Our mission is to create exceptional products that change your pet's life and your own in ways you never thought were possible. Here are some of our achievements so far:

  • Sensitive owners can now cuddle their cats.
  • Senior dogs can have brighter minds for longer.
  • Pets can now benefit from live probiotics every day.
  • Sensitive pets can now benefit from reduced risk of adverse food reactions.
  • Anxious pets feel more calm and able to cope.
  • Cats can receive the hydration and urinary support they need.
  • Kittens and puppies can benefit from Colostrum after they have weaned.
  • Real meat is the 1st ingredient in our dry and wet food.

Our pioneering mission continues to be driven by transformations of all sizes. For example, the satisfaction you feel when you clean up healthy stools is an important milestone on our journey to improve the digestibility of our pet's food.

2. We'll always test and prove our results

We're committed to innovation without compromise. Like many pet food brands, PRO PLAN® meets AAFCO standards. Unlike many pet food brands, we don't stop there. For over 100 years, we've been researching and proving the efficacy of our products. While studies provide reassurance, the real results come to life through the remarkable stories of our happy customers.

3. We'll guarantee our quality

“We never settle for "good enough" with your pet's diet. We proudly produce our pet food in regional NSW, Australia. We combine the finest ingredients with advanced nutritional expertise to ensure our products are of the highest standard. Our proprietary cooking process ensures nutrients are conserved and easily absorbed. It also enhances the delicious meat flavour, helping your pet look forward to every meal.

And if you and your pet don’t love your PRO PLAN® product? We’ll happily give you your money back.”

Trust in PRO PLAN®

Whether your pet has been by your side for years or just joined the family, you can start the PRO PLAN journey today and take the first step towards a healthy, happy future together.