Why has my dog lost interest in the activities they love?

As we get older, our mental functions can slow down and our thinking and reaction times can slow. The same is true for dogs.

You may find that your dog may have developed new or different interests, or you may have noticed some small changes in their behaviour or personality as they have got older. Focusing on some key areas during this time can provide significant health benefits and help keep them full of health and vitality for longer.

Look for signs of aging

Vets and canine nutritionists consider most dogs enter their senior years from age 7, although, similar to people, individual dogs age in different ways. Even though you may not see any external signs of aging, by the time your dog is 7 years old subtle natural changes will be occurring within some body systems and organs, including the brain. Physical changes can include stiff joints, weight changes, loss of muscle mass, dental issues and greying around face and muzzle.

Mental changes can manifest themselves as behavioural changes, such as sleeping more, they may take longer to make decisions, may become less sociable or they may seem to have less energy.

Consider specialised nutrition

As your dog ages, their nutritional needs change. That’s why it’s important to choose an age appropriate food, like PRO PLAN® BRIGHT MIND™ Adult 7+ which has been designed with specific nutrients to support the aging body and mind.

Ingredients include enhanced botanical oils that fuel the brain in older dogs – helping to nourish their minds to help keep them active and alert for longer. This nutritional breakthrough helps improve the brain health of older dogs and is shown to promote mental alertness and sharpness with visible results in 30 days.

Keep his mind active

While we turn to games like Sudoku to keep our minds active, dogs can benefit from a similar approach. Stimulating their brains on a daily basis helps keep their mind active and agile – as well as being a lot of fun for the both of you. You can use toys specifically designed for dogs or play games like hide and seek to stimulate their interest.

Explore new environments

Most dogs and their owners have a set routine. Perhaps there’s a local park you visit and a set walk you take. Mixing it up will open their eyes to new sights and smells, and boost mental stimulation. It will make things more interesting for you too.

Get back to learning

What better way to get the mind ticking over, than to teach your old dog new tricks (yes, it is possible). Dogs of all ages love learning new things, particularly if there’s a treat or reward involved.

Don’t forget your vet

If your dog doesn’t seem like his usual self, the first step is to visit your vet. And the older your dog gets, the more important it is to maintain regular check-ups and provide the right nutrition.

Learn more about how PRO PLAN® BRIGHT MIND® can keep your senior dog happy and healthy throughout the golden years.

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