Pro Plan Welcoming Puppy



We are committed to helping you and your dog enjoy a healthy and fulfilling life together. This starts with giving you the right puppy advice, from bringing your new pet home to understanding their wants and needs.

It is a truly amazing time. From bringing your puppy home to watching them grow, we want to give your dog a great start in life, including the optimal nutrition for them as part of their puppy care.

The first few days with your puppy are a truly amazing time. After the excitement of introducing your puppy to their new house and family, you get to see them grow into their personality as well as size. There are lots to do along the way, from training them to sharing new adventures. To help them have a great life you can provide them with advanced nutrition as part of puppy care.

For us, advancing dog nutrition is a life’s work. As dog owners and dog lovers ourselves, we’ll always be committed to innovation and finding new ways to help you make your puppy’s world amazing.

The most important ingredients, though, are in the love you give your puppy. We are proud and delighted to help with your puppy care, from helping him settle in to making sure he’s healthy and happy. Let’s make their world amazing.

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