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When you bring a puppy home, there’s a huge amount for him to see and learn. From building familiarity with their new surroundings to meeting other people and pets, your new puppy will have a lot to take in.

First of all, show them their basket, toys, food and water bowls. This helps your puppy get to know where everything is, as well as familiarising him with the house. When they is comfortable in their new home, it’s time to think about socialising your puppy.

Socialising your puppy simply means helping them develop social skills, like being friendly and unafraid of unfamiliar people, pets and surroundings. Before you introduce your puppy to the big world, help socialise him in a calm and safe environment.

Without puppy socialisation, your new friend can grow up shy or frightened. When there’re ready, and after their vaccinations, take them for walks in lots of different places – like shopping centres, in cafes that allow dogs, and different parks – to show them that the unfamiliar is nothing to be worried about. Help them get used to walking over different surfaces, including grass and pavement, and expose them to different sounds too.

Socialising A Puppy With People

Socialising a puppy with other people is one of the most important things you can do for them, as it will help them become more friendly and outgoing as an adult, as well as making them happier to try new things. Between three and twelve weeks of age, exposing them to new people will also lessen the chance of them being fearful around strangers as an adult.

Introducing your puppy to other family members and visitors is a vital part of socialisation. It lessens fear of people they doesn’t know, so make sure they get to see lots of different people, young and old, male and female, including children.

Introduce your puppy to people while there’re wearing a collar and lead, which can help keep them from jumping. Teach your dog the ‘sit’ command and use it when introducing them, help them stay sitting, keeping everything calm. If they learn useful commands as part of their puppy training, their socialisation and interaction with other people and dogs will be as smooth as possible


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