The Truth About Cat Allergens

Humans can be sensitive to various allergens, and when the cumulative effect of these allergens exceeds an individual's allergen threshold, it can trigger a sensitivity reaction. In recent years, there has been a noticeable increase in the number of people with heightened sensitivity to substances such as plant pollen, certain foods, drugs, and others. Surprisingly, at a global level, it has been found that as many as 1 in 5 adults are sensitized to cat allergens.

For individuals sensitive to cat allergens, their response is typically triggered by a specific allergen called Fel d 1. This allergen is primarily produced in cats' salivary and sebaceous glands. When cats groom themselves, these allergens are transferred to their hair and skin, and subsequently shed into the environment as dander and hair.

One interesting aspect of the Fel d 1 allergen is its light weight, which allows it to easily cling to clothing. As a result, the allergen becomes ubiquitous and has been found in homes without cats, public transportation, and buildings, surpassing the threshold value associated with sensitization.

Living with a cat can be a dilemma for individuals who are allergic to Fel d 1. While many of these individuals are willing to compromise their well-being to keep their feline companions, they are often hesitant to adopt approaches that may put their cat's health and well-being at risk.

To address this issue, PRO PLAN LIVECLEAR presents a new feline-friendly approach. It offers a complete and balanced diet that reduces allergens on cat hair and dander by an average of 47% starting in the third week of daily feeding. When cats consume PRO PLAN LIVECLEAR, a key protein sourced from eggs binds to Fel d 1, neutralizing the active levels of the allergen in the cat's saliva.

PRO PLAN LIVECLEAR provides a safe and effective means to manage cat allergens. It not only reduces the allergen load in the environment but also offers a great-tasting, nutritionally outstanding everyday food for cats. By incorporating PRO PLAN LIVECLEAR into their cats' diets, owners can significantly reduce the presence of Fel d 1 allergens, thus creating a more comfortable living environment for individuals sensitive to cat allergens.

With the introduction of products like PRO PLAN LIVECLEAR, managing cat allergens has now become more feasible. This new approach provides a safe and effective means to reduce allergens on cat hair and dander, ultimately offering individuals the opportunity to experience the joy of living with a cat while minimizing the associated allergic reactions.

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