SUPERCOAT believes every dog deserves to live their 'best life'. Purina has been one of the leaders in the advancement of pet care and pet nutrition for over 85 years and it took our experts 14 years of research to develop the Purina Lifespan Study.​

The study was a world first in providing clear evidence that food restriction, aimed at maintaining an ideal physical state throughout their life, can lead to ‘up to 1.8 years more of healthier life.

It all began with a group of 48 Labrador Retriever puppies who were carefully matched within their litters based on their body weight and gender. These puppies were then divided into pairs and randomly assigned to either a control group or a restricted feeding group. Both groups received nutritionally balanced and complete diets, with the only difference being the amount of food provided.

Throughout their lives, these dogs were closely monitored and observed. They were weighed on a weekly basis to track their growth and overall health. The results were remarkable - every dog thrived and lived their healthiest life.

The control group, which received a standard amount of food, had an average lifespan of 11.2 years. On the other hand, the dogs in the restricted feeding group, who were given a smaller amount of food, had an average lifespan of 13 years. This finding suggests that a restricted feeding diet may contribute to a longer lifespan in Labrador Retrievers.

In addition to the extended lifespan, the Life Span study also revealed other benefits of the restricted feeding diet. Dogs in this group experienced delayed muscle loss, had less body fat, and showed reduced signs of aging. These findings highlight the potential positive impact of a controlled diet on overall health and well-being.

Overall, this study provides valuable insights into the effects of restricted feeding on Labrador Retrievers' lifespan and overall health. It emphasizes the importance of nutrition and portion control in promoting longevity and well-being in our furry companions.

We recommended following 3 simple steps to help your dog achieve 1.8 years​ more of healthy life.


Feed a complete and balanced pet food like SUPERCOAT daily throughout their life. We recommend you start as soon as you get your dog.​


Carefully follow the feeding guidelines by reducing the amount to the ideal 'Body Condition' recommendation. Please refer to guide on the back of our packs or read on for further details about what the chart is and why it is important.​


Maintain an ideal body condition throughout their life. Look for visible ribs with minimal fat. Looking down at your dog from above, the waist is clearly seen. From their side, the abdomen is diminished.​

The Body Condition System Chart

We have created a chart that allows for easy evaluation of your pet’s bodily state. Maintaining your dog’s ideal weight will support their healthiest life. It is always important to follow the feeding advice on all our packs and ensure your feeding your dog the correct portion for their weight and breed. Following these guidelines can avoid any health-related issues that could be due to over or under feeding your dog. You will notice we have both the standard feeding guideline and the Ideal Body Condition diet feeding guidelines on the back of all our packs.​ ​

Please note our feeding amounts are meant to be guides only, food intake can vary on breed, weight, age, sex, activity levels and environmental conditions. If you have any concerns, we recommend speaking to your vet.