Becoming A Cat Owner

Thinking about bringing a cat into your life? Take a moment to go through our checklist and ensure you're fully prepared for this commitment.

Cat-owning checklist

So, you've made the decision that a cat is the ideal companion for you and you've even chosen your preferred breed. But before you welcome your new feline friend, there are a few more vital considerations to keep in mind.

  • Long-Term Commitment: Are you ready to commit to caring for a pet full-time for the next 15 years or more? Cats typically enjoy long lives, often reaching their twenties.
  • Playtime: Can you dedicate at least two daily 20-minute play sessions with your cat? This is particularly crucial for indoor cats, who rely on these activities for exercise and mental stimulation.
  • Grooming Routine: Are you prepared to groom your cat regularly? While most cats are low-maintenance, long-coated breeds require daily hair care, which can be time-intensive.
  • Caretaker Plan: Do you have a cat-loving neighbor or friend who can look after your cat when you're away? Cats are creatures of habit and prefer the comfort of their own home, even during your short trips.
  • Family Agreement: Is your family on board with getting a cat?
  • Allergies: Does anyone in your family have allergies to cats? Don't dismiss cat ownership outright; some allergies are coat-specific. Regular grooming wipes can help reduce allergens, and you can create a cat-free zone in sensitive individuals' bedrooms. Consult a doctor if you have concerns.
  • Financial Considerations: Can you afford the expenses of cat ownership? Costs can include a bed, scratching post, toys, bowls, and vet fees. Pet insurance can help manage these costs and provide peace of mind.
  • Existing Pets: If you have other pets, are they cat-friendly?
  • Safety: Is your home located near a busy road? Consider the safety of your cat if they have outdoor access, as roads can pose risks.
  • Tolerance for Mess: Are you comfortable with the idea of cat hair on your belongings and furniture?

If you've thoughtfully addressed all these points and remain certain that a cat is the right addition for your life, go ahead! We wish you many joyful years together with your new furry companion.

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