Adopting a Dog: Finding Your Perfect Canine Companion

When considering adopting a pet, it's important to make informed choices, from selecting the right breed for your lifestyle, to finding a suitable adoption source. Let us guide you through the process of finding the perfect dog for you.

Choosing the Right Dog for You

Conduct thorough research to find a dog breed that aligns with your energy level, grooming preferences, and other considerations. Utilize tools and resources provided by Purina to explore different breeds. Sort by size and other factors to identify the ideal breed for your needs.

Where to Adopt Your Dog

Once you have determined the type of dog you want, it's time to begin your search. Consider the following adoption options:

Breeder: If you have specific breed preferences and require information about personality traits and health conditions, visiting a reputable breeder may be suitable. Keep in mind that this is typically the most expensive option, but it ensures knowledge of your pet's origins and the opportunity to meet their family. Purina has a partnership with RightPaw, an online site to help future pet owners find a responsible breeder.

Shelters: Shelters provide an excellent option for those seeking purebred dogs or cats without going through a breeder. These facilities, operated by animal welfare organizations or government entities, house animals for various reasons. Shelters often have a diverse range of dogs, including purebreds, as well as puppies and kittens in need of loving homes. Many of them may already possess basic house training and socialization skills. Find out more about the animal welfare organizations Purina is associated with.

Rescue Organizations: Rescue organizations, similar to shelters, are committed to animal welfare. However, they do not usually have dedicated facilities. Instead, they rely on private foster homes to care for their adoptable pets. Foster parents gain insights into the personality and behavior of the animals, offering valuable information to potential adopters. Contact rescue groups to arrange visits with pets in foster homes and determine compatibility.

For any questions about getting a new pet, please get in touch with the Purina PetCare Advice Team.

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