FELIX is committed to providing irresistibly tasty food for your mischievous cats, in a range of delicious flavours and formats. We listen to feedback from pet owners and use this insight to improve our products. One example is colourants. You may notice that the appearance of some FELIX products has changed as a result.


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We’ve curated a list of common queries and provided detailed answers below.

When did you change your FELIX products?

The most recent change to our FELIX range was made in January 2024, when we removed all artificial colours. 

Why is FELIX removing artificial colours from recipes?

We’re always listening to feedback and input from cat owners, and we feel removing artificial colours allows us to meet the preferences of cat lovers while also providing delicious, high-quality food for their companions.  

We must stress that the artificial colours we used were and remain, perfectly safe for cats

Does it change the nutritional benefits or the deliciousness of FELIX recipes?

The removal of artificial colours does not change the overall nutritional composition or quality of our food – every FELIX meal is still 100% complete and balanced, with nutrients your clever cat needs. You can find full nutritional details for each recipe in the product section of our website.

We also rigorously test any changes to check that the new product remains as appealing to cats as the previous recipe was, and our feline taste testers gave it a resounding purr of approval. What hasn’t changed is our stringent approach to safety. We continue to test each and every batch of product to ensure it is safe to feed your cat. 

Why does my cat’s FELIX meal look different?

As we update our recipes to remove artificial colours you may notice variations in the product appearance including colour of chunk or gravy, and visible vegetable inclusions. What remains is our tender meaty pieces with succulent jellies or irresistible gravy. All our recipes feature the same high quality and irresistible taste you would expect from FELIX.  


Why do I still see colours in ingredient list?

We changed our recipe in response to the fact that many people are now reducing the number of artificial colours in their own diets.

 Although cats are unable to distinguish color, we know that most pet owners consider the product’s appearance when purchasing food for their pet. In the production process, non-artificial coloring is added to maintain a more desirable and consistent appearance.  

How do you know the non-artificial colours that were previously used in FELIX meals are safe?

The ingredients we use, including colours, go through a process of review to ensure they are safe to be consumed by cats before they are given the green light to be used in our products.

 We are pet lovers first and foremost, so the safety and health of pets is our number one priority. 

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