Q and A with Belle and Bronte

Oct 18, 2018

Followers: 13.5K on Instagram | Username: @belleandbronte

What do you do when your phone is full of adorable pictures of your favourite felines? For Belle and Bronte’s owner Victoria, the solution was simple: open the Instagram account @belleandbronte. More than 13,500 followers later and the beautiful Birmans have become bona-fide social media stars. We spoke to Victoria to find out more about Belle and Bronte and how their new found fame has given a helping paw to kittens in need.

Why did you decide to create an Instagram account for Belle and Bronte?

Both mine and my partner’s phone is always filled with photos of Belle and Bronte, so the Instagram account was supposed to just hold the photos, to take them off our phones. But it ended up doing the opposite, now we have even more photos than what are actually posted on Instagram.

Did you expect that Belle and Bronte were going to be so popular on social media?

We couldn’t believe it when we had 10 followers, and then it blew our mind when we got to 100! Now we have over thirteen thousand followers and it continues to amaze me. We are grateful for every person that opens Instagram to look at, like and comment on Belle and Bronte every day.

Why do you think people love Belle and Bronte so much?

They are both really pretty cats and we endeavour to let their personalities shine through in our Instagram posts. We try to let our followers in on what Belle and Bronte are thinking, and we think our followers can relate to the things we post, as B&B can, at times, have an attitude problem (as most cats do!).

How would you describe Belle and Bronte’s personality?

Belle is super friendly and affectionate. She loves being with humans at all times. She is also the cat version of a “foodie”, yet manages to maintain a svelte, yet fluffy, figure.

Bronte is more aloof, she wants to be near humans but not necessarily in the same room. She likes a cuddle but only when she feels like it. She’s very chilled out and would prefer to relax in the garden than do anything else.

Do Belle and Bronte have any hidden talents?

They are experts at kitty opera, mostly performed very loudly at 2am or 3am. Sometimes these opera performances can go on for several hours and may also have a cat Olympics interlude which includes gymnastics, high jump, hurdles and long jump (on and over the bed).

Has your relationship with Belle and Bronte gotten stronger since you created the account?

The only noticeable difference is that we try to keep our phone with us all the time so we can capture those crazy or special moments that would usually only be kept in our minds as memories. We are very bonded to Belle and Bronte, they make us laugh and smile every day.

What are some experiences or adventures you’ve had since Belle and Bronte rose to fame?

Belle and Bronte have been featured on some really wonderful cat Instagram accounts, which means others get to enjoy them and their beautiful breed (they are Birmans). We also foster cats and kittens in need. The Belle and Bronte account has brought attention to that and some of our followers have also started fostering kitties as well, so we are very proud of that.

Do you have any advice for anyone looking to start an Instagram account for their cat?

Be authentic. Don’t create an account with the intent for you or your cat to become insta-famous, create an account to share the joy of your fluffy feline/s with the Instagram community. Be yourself and share your cat’s point of view with the world. Engage with your followers, talk to them through comments, appreciate them and be fun with them.

Follow the fluffy adventures of Belle and Bronte here on Instagram: @belleandbronte

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