Should you let your cat share your bed?

Apr 03, 2019

There’s nothing quite like a cat cuddle, and your feline friend enjoys it as much as you do. That’s why they often

prefer your bed to their own, so they can spend each night with their favourite person.

Deciding whether to let your cat sleep with you is a personal choice. We look into the pros and cons to help you decide what’s best.

The pros 

Creates a sense of security

While cats are known for being independent, they’re at their most vulnerable at bedtime. Sleeping with you is their way of showing they trust you, and knowing you’re there will make them feel safe and secure.

Reduces stress

Snuggle into bed with your favourite feline and the tension will simply melt away. In fact, it’s been proven that sleeping with your cat can help reduce stress and lighten your mood.

Provides comfort and warmth

There’s nothing more comforting than retiring to bed with your purry ball of fluff – it’s like having your personal hot water bottle in cooler weather. And what better way to start the day, than with a big smooch from your favourite four-legged friend.

Strengthens your bond

Sleeping with your cat is a great way to share time together and strengthen your bond. Following you to bed is a sign that your cat wants to spend more time with you.

The cons

Interrupts sleep

Your nocturnal friend is likely to be up and down during the night, which can cause a restless sleep. And it’s amazing how even the smallest cat manages to take up the entire bed. Of course, moving them is not an option!

Potential allergy trigger

Cat hair on your bed is bound to irritate an allergy sufferer. While antihistamines and grooming can help, a hairless breed like the Sphynx is a good bed buddy if you’re more susceptible to allergies.

Encourages dominance

Inviting your feline friend to share your bed can promote dominance. They’ll feel like it’s their territory and might object to others entering their domain such as other pets. So when you invite one to sleep with you and leave others out, this could cause jealousy, particularly if a devoted dog is involved. To keep the peace in this instance, all pets should have equal treatment.

Increases health risks

Even the cleanest cat can carry fleas, ticks or worms. Litter-clad feet can carry dirt and bacteria, so it’s worth weighing up the health risks before you invite your feline friend onto your bed.

Our conclusion? When it comes down to it, there’s really no right or wrong. While some people balk at the idea of sleeping with a cat, many wouldn’t have it any other way. Choose whatever suits you both best while ensuring you can sleep easy.

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