Adopting A Rescue Cat

Jan 17, 2018

Animals end up in shelters for many reasons. But rescue cats all have one thing in common – they have a lot of love to give to their adopted family.

From bouncy kittens and snuggly lap cats, to purebred princesses, shelters like Animal Welfare League have them all.


To meet your potential new family member, simply go online where you'll find a full profile on each cat, including a photo, breed, age, personality and adoption cost. They're often available as pairs if you're up for twice the fun.

Top tip

If you're renting or live in a unit, check with your real estate or strata manager to make sure you're allowed to have a cat.

All shelter cats come microchipped, vaccinated, and flea and worm treated with a full vet check. And if it's no longer a kitten, it will also come desexed. This not only gives you peace of mind, it's great value considering adoption costs start at around $100.

The great thing about adopting from a shelter – you know you'll be getting a quality cat. And if you have any questions at all you can ask the friendly staff. Along with foster carers, they look after the cats every day. They get to know each individual personality, and can recommend a cat that's perfectly matched to you and your lifestyle.

Unlike a pet shop, you'll be welcome to meet the cats and spend time with them before you make a decision. After all, adopting a cat is a long term commitment of potentially 20 years or more. That's 20 years of love and cuddles that will change your life forever.

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