Quirky Dog Habits

Apr 04, 2018

Burying food

You may notice that occasionally your dog will bury their food. Outdoor dogs may bury it in the ground where as indoor dogs might try to bury food or treats under cushions, bedding or furniture. Some of the reasons why dogs do this is to save it for later - especially with high value treats or excess food. Another reason why dogs may hide or bury food is to hide it from other hungry mouths so this behaviour may be more common in multi-pet families.

Chasing their tail

Tail chasing can provide amusement but owners often encourage this behaviour by laughing at it. However, tail chasing can become and an obsessive compulsive behaviour and some dogs end up chewing their tails, which could result in severe injuries. Never encourage your dog to chase their tail, instead focus their energy on more appropriate toys and games

Turning around to sleep

Just like you might ‘fluff’ your pillow before laying your head down, turning in circles is for the same purpose – comfort. This also extends to the many dogs who ‘dig’ in their beds. It is simply a way of making their bed as comfortable as possible! Did you know that dog's also dream?

Licking other dog’s (or people’s) faces

Dogs use body language and different behaviours as their way of communicating with other animals and people. Face licking is often a way of communicating to another animal that they are not a threat and is seen as an appeasement gesture. Licking can become an obsessive behaviour similar to tail chasing so if you find your dog licking obsessively simply redirect their attention onto something else such as a toy.

Dogs and cats can be friends

While dogs and cats are very different species and have different likes and dislikes, there is no reason why, if introduced properly, they can’t get along just fine and even become friends. To promote a happy relationship between your pets it is important to give each of your pets their own space to get away for some ‘me time’. For dogs, this may be the backyard or a comfy warm bed in a quiet spot. Cats often prefer places that are up high where they can snuggle up and hide.


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