Why do Cats Hide?

Have you ever wondered why your cat loves to get themselves into tight spaces? 

Cats love to get themselves into small spaces like drawers, sinks, under beds and in boxes because those places make them feel warm, safe and secure.

Curling up in a small space lets cats conserve body heat and hide themselves from potential threats. Considering that cats spend much of their day snoozing, it makes sense that they would want a comfy, private place to rest!

Cats sometimes choose places to hide that may seem perfectly suitable to them but that can actually be quite dangerous.

Cats may choose to conceal themselves in places such as clothes dryers, washing machines, inside reclining chairs, behind electrical appliances (such as the refrigerator or television) and if allowed access to outside under cars. Be sure to check these places if your cat has decided to make themselves scarce!

Providing your cat with safe, suitable places to relax will assist in minimizing the chance they will find a place of their own. This is even more important in multi-pet families. Cats often love being up high so think secure shelves, a comfortable bed on a table or in a cupboard as these are often places cats will like.



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