Flea Treatment for Cats and Small Dogs

PURINA TOTAL CARE Flea Knockdown is a fast-acting tablet that helps rid your pet of adult fleas. Simple to administer, this flea medication for cats, puppies and small dogs begins working in as little as thirty minutes, and will eliminate fleas. It lasts up to one day for dogs, and three days for cats.

Fleas are common in pets, but their bite can cause more problems than simply itching and irritation. These blood-feeding parasites can transmit a number of serious diseases, cause allergies, and are the most likely culprits in transmitting tapeworms.

PURINA TOTAL CARE Flea Knockdown for Cats, Puppies and Small Dogs provides fast-acting relief for your pet. Your pet swallows this treatment as a tablet, and it is absorbed into their blood. It is then ingested by fleas feeding on your pet’s blood, killing them effectively.

If you notice fleas evident in your pet’s coat, it is important to treat them promptly before they cause increasing problems, or spread throughout your household. You can treat fleas with flea tablets for cats like PURINA TOTAL CARE Flea Knockdown. To look for fleas on your pet, use a fine toothed flea control comb, such as the PURINA TOTAL CARE Flea Control Comb.

To ensure the best flea treatment for cats in Australia, or for your puppy or small dog, consider using your flea knockdown in conjunction with a flea control spot-on, such as PURINA TOTAL CARE Flea Control for Cats.

Additionally, to make sure your pet isn’t picking up more fleas from their surroundings, you’ll also need to treat your home and any other household pets. If your pet has fleas, it’s likely that flea eggs and larvae that are invisible to the human eye can be found in your carpets and upholstery. Make sure you regularly vacuum and steam your carpets, clean and wash all bedding and in serious cases, consider professional pest treatment services.

It’s also important to consult a qualified veterinarian on the health needs of your pet, especially if you see anything out of the ordinary during or after infestation with these parasites.

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