Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

Most dog owners have seen their dog eat grass or heard the advice that it’s because their dog is unwell, hungry, or bored, but it’s actually a very normal behavior. We explain why dogs eat grass below:

Do dogs like the taste of grass?

Some dogs eat grass simply because they like the taste and texture.

Other dogs tend to eat grass when their stomach is upset or gassy. The grass helps induce vomiting to expel whatever might be bothering your dog.

Is it bad for my dog to eat grass?

Even though it is a normal behavior and grass will not harm them, you still need to be mindful of chemicals used on grass that may irritate your dog’s stomach or cause health problems.

When gardening at home, be sure to look out for products safe for use around animals or keep your dog away from areas where non-safe products may have been used.

You could create their own special grazing area by planting pet grass in a pot and teaching them to use it. If your dog is eating more grass than usual, it is best to organize a check-up with your Vet.

Should I get grass for the balcony?

Although grass is known to be good for a dog's digestive health, it's not considered very nutritious for them. While many dogs love eating grass, there is usually a risk of it being loaded with dangerous chemicals such as fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides.

Some sprouts are available that are a healthy alternative as they contain digestible enzymes, vitamins, and minerals and can be easily grown on your balcony.

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