Travelling With Your Dog

A holiday road trip in the car can be fun for the whole family, including your pets, but have you thought about how to secure your pet when traveling? By ensuring your furry friend is safe and secure, you will help make the trip safer and more comfortable for everyone in the car.

These days, there are several ways in which you can make sure that your pet is restrained while traveling, such as a pet crate or by using a car harnes.

Pet crates are great for smaller dogs and those who may be a little nervous about being in the car. It is best to get your pet used to their crate before heading off on a long trip. So, have the crate out for them to explore for at least a week before you depart. Encourage your pet to get into the crate on their own accord by using tasty treats and lots of praise. Gradually increase the time that your pet spends inside the crate, always making sure the crate is a fun experience.

Car harnesses are another option for securing dogs when traveling in the backseat of the car. A correctly fitted harness will ensure that your dog cannot move around the car and distract the driver. Many dogs tolerate wearing a harness quite well; however, for a stress-less car trip, your dog should be used to wearing a harness before you put them in the car.

Other travel tips for a happy holiday road trip with your pet include:

  • Make lots of stops along the way to let your dog stretch their legs, get some fresh air, a drink, and relieve themselves.
  • Always ensure your dog is on a lead when out of the car, and don’t forget to pack the necessary supplies to clean up after them.
  • Just like children, dogs can get bored in the car, so pack some dog toys to keep your friend entertained.
  • Never leave your dog in a vehicle if you are making a stop. Temperatures in cars can rise extremely quickly and cause heat stress, dehydration, or even death.
  • Some dogs suffer from motion sickness, and this can be caused by several reasons. The most common is anxiety from being in the car, which is why it is important to always make car trips fun and get your pet used to being in the car before you set off. The second reason for motion sickness is the movement of the car – you can help your pet cope with this by refraining from feeding them for a couple of hours prior to travel, as well as taking some short trips in the car to get them used to the movement.
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