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Total Care® provides a hub of regularly updated content covering a wide range of topics within their product range. This includes information on flea & worming, collars & leads, and toys. Discover valuable tips and advice to ensure the best care for your dog.

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Flea & Worming
Flea & Tick Treatment For Dogs

Fleas and ticks can cause allergies, carry parasites, and transmit diseases by feeding on your dog's blood. Protect your pet from these problems.

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Collars & Leads
Picking The Right Collar & Lead

Choosing the right collar and lead for your pet can be confusing! Read some of the most commonly asked questions about our range.

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Flea & Worming
Dog Allworming Tablets

Intestinal worms are a common issue in dogs and puppies, causing pain and potentially severe symptoms. Discover methods to eliminate these worms.