Not Using the Litterbox

Your cat isn't using the litter box, and you've been cleaning up a lot of bad-smelling, unpredictable mess. Chances are the problem isn't lack of training. Here are four simple reasons why your cat may not be using their litter box. If none of these reasons are behind your cat's change of habit, they may have a serious medical issue and will need a check-up from the vet.


Cats are naturally clean and hygienic creatures. In fact, your cat may love cleanliness too much to use the litter box! If your litter box has gotten too messy or started to smell, your cat may be avoiding it. To maintain the box to your cat's standards, you will need to scoop daily and conduct a complete clean every few days. Wash the litter box with soap and water so you don't leave a chemical smell that could scare off your cat.

Box Type

Litter boxes come in different shapes and sizes. The option you selected may just not be right for your cat. As a general rule, the litter box should be at least 1.5 times the length of your cat. They need room to feel comfortable while doing their business. If your box has a cover, this may also be keeping your cat away. You'll also need at least one litter box per cat, plus one additional one ideally.


A litter box should be full of litter. Cover the entire surface area of the entire box with litter at least 5cm deep.


The location of your litter box may be making it unpleasant for your cat to use. Keep the litter box away from dogs, loud noises, and frightening sounds or objects. Having the litter box in the laundry, next to a loud washing machine and dryer, is likely to be a bad idea! If your house has more than one story, you will need to place a litter box on every floor.

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