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Purina Australia has teamed up with RightPaw, an Australian startup that aims to simplify the process of buying a dog online. RightPaw understands the challenges of finding a pet virtually, including a lack of transparency and potential health concerns. Their mission is to create a safe and secure place to find your pet online, revolutionise the industry, and build the future of responsible pet ownership.

RightPaw also helps future puppy parents understand what responsible breeding looks like, and gives them confidence that breeders on the RightPaw platform are committed to these breeding standards. To achieve this, they’ve developed an independent, vet-approved 'RightPaw Code of Ethics' to determine and classify what makes a responsible breeder.

What’s on offer?

The RightPaw platform offers a safe and simple way for both breeders and owners to connect. Future 'pawrents' can find responsible RightPaw Verified breeders, apply for a puppy with confidence, and pay securely through the RightPaw platform. Breeders can use RightPaw to manage their applications and breeding program all in one place, so they can concentrate on the most important thing - their dogs.

Purina Australia is proud to support RightPaw's mission and help every dog and owner start off on the right paw.

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Find responsible breeders on RightPaw

Looking for your new best friend? RightPaw makes the journey of finding a puppy simpler, safer and more supportive. Visit RightPaw to search for verified breeders, learn about their breeding programs, and apply for a puppy.

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