Distinguished by her curly, rippled coat and people-oriented personality, the LaPerm is calm and friendly, yet at other times energetic and inquisitive. This feline thrives on attention and likes to be close to her human companions. Though curious, this breed is content to be a lap cat and close to whatever is going on. The LaPerm blossoms with a loving family.




Males: from 3.2 to 4.5 kg and females: from 2.3 to 3.6 kg

White, black, blue, red, cream, chocolate, cinnamon, fawn and lavender, plus various patterns and shadings

La Perm cats are lauded for their lovable personality. They love human contact and are ideal "lap cats." They are inquisitive and active, and very intelligent, but will drop whatever they are doing to sit on your lap when invited. The La Perm is a truly captivating cat, delighting everyone who sees one.

The La Perm cat's curly or wavy coat is its most remarkable and identifiable feature. Unlike other Rex breeds, the La Perm's coat may be medium to long, creating a very beautiful cat, soft to the touch, with a coat that floats with a breath of air.

13 -15 years

La Perms are breed in all different coat colours

La Perms does not require much grooming although they do appreciate the attention that comes with it.

Inherited ailments have yet to be identified in the breed.

The La Perm is not a particularly active cat and will require approximately 70 Kcals of food per kg of bodyweight per day to maintain condition.

The first LaPerm cats were curly-furred barn cats in Oregon US in 1982. The cats roamed free around the area of the farm and interbred with other cats from the neighborhood. Over the next ten years, the farm's owner noticed that in successive litters of kittens, there were frequently curly-furred cats. The farm owner selectively bred the curly-furred cats and brought them to cat shows. The cats were popular among attendees and soon there was a great deal of interest in creating a new curly-furred breed. The farm owner chose the name "La Perm" to describe the cats distinctive fur.

The LaPerm coat ranges from wavy to ringlets to long corkscrew curls. Those with longhair have curly plumed tails and a full, curly ruff, and those with shorthair have more texture, no ruff and a bottle-brush type tail. The tightest curls are found on the belly, throat and base of the ears.