Microchipping your kitten


Microchipping is one of the simplest ways of keeping your kitten safe. A microchip is harmless and permanent – and greatly increases the chances of being reunited with your kitten if they are ever lost or stolen.

The simple procedure


Your vet  inserts a tiny microchip about the size of a grain of rice under the skin between your cat’s shoulder blades. The procedure is quick and no more painful than an injection. Your cat will not feel the microchip and it should remain in place for life.


How microchipping works


Each microchip contains a unique 15-digit code. This is stored on a national database with the owner’s name and contact details. If your cat is ever found, anyone scanning the chip can easily get in touch with you. Whereas traditional collars and tags easily come off, microchips are permanent and so provide lifelong peace of mind.


Extra security for the home


One further advantage of microchips is they can stop unwanted feline visitors using your cat flap. Special microchip-activated cat flaps only allow entry to cats whose microchip numbers are recognised.

For more information about microchipping your kitten, ask your vet.







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