Weaning Kittens

Weaning kittens is a gradual process. Whether you choose canned or dry food, adding moisture will help your pet to adjust.

How to wean kittens

Kittens can usually be started on the weaning process at three weeks of age and should be fully weaned by six to eight weeks.

If you serve your kitten canned food, mash it up and mix it with water to form gruel. You can even smear this on your kitten’s lips to encourage her to lick it off.

Some kittens will take the food as a mash but make sure there are no big chunks.

Dry food can also be soaked and used to make gruel. Feed a little, regularly.

As the kitten gets older, add less water to the mixture. Many kittens will eat dry food without it being soaked by 10-12 weeks of age, while most will manage a canned kitten food at six to eight weeks.

The nutritional needs of your kitten will continue to change. Remember to stay informed about thebest food for your growing kitten.



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