How to Pick the Right Toy

Toys are an integral part of any pet’s well-being. Not only are they used to entertain your pet and assist an owner with interaction, but they can also provide comfort and security when they’re feeling nervous or anxious.

Purina’s TOTAL CARE range of dog toys are divided into three categories to assist you with picking the right toy for your pet’s needs.

Comfort Me

These are a range of plush soft toys designed to give your pet comfort and security. Perfect for puppies and anxious pets who would be reassured by a “soft” toy to cuddle with.

Occupy Me

This range of toys is made from durable rubber, latex, nylon, and/or cotton rope and is designed to occupy both your dog’s mind (through chewing) and clean their teeth and gums. Although tough in design, no toy is indestructible, so it’s best to regularly review your pet’s toys for wear and tear and discard and replace if worn or damaged.

Entertain Me

This range of toys is perfect for interacting with your pet in the backyard or park. Designed for tug-of-war, fetch, and chase – they’ll stimulate your dog’s inquisitive nature as well as assist with exercising them and keeping their mind active while you bond with them. Our cat toys are all included in the range “Cat Senses.”

Cat Senses

This range of cat toys is designed to entertain your cat indoors. With shiny or crinkly material and elastic or wheels for movement, our variety of toys are designed for interaction, yet safety away from those sharp nails. As cats all play and interact differently, the toys in our range are designed to be interactive between you and your cat to help you create more memorable moments and bond.

Most commonly asked questions about our toys

How do you pick what toys are best for my pet?

When considering which toy to buy, think about their age, breed, athleticism, and any current behavior you are trying to address (digging and chewing).

Are children’s toys safe for my pet?

All Purina TOTAL CARE toys are designed specifically for pets and should not be given to children under the age of 3. We recommend that you never give a pet a child’s toy. Remember to supervise your pet when using any toy.

Why are your toys always bright colors?

Toys are designed to attract your pet’s attention and be easy to spot in the garden or park, so you won’t lose them! Always keep an eye out for new TOTAL CARE® toys in-store; we like to keep a rotation of toys to keep playtime with you and your pet fun and interesting.

What is the stuffing in TOTAL CARE toys?

The stuffing used in our toys is polyester fiber fill. If you are able to see this stuffing, please remove the toy and dispose of it immediately as digestion of the material can be harmful. If your dog has a tendency to pull the stuffing out of toys, we suggest looking at toys that do not have this component and use positive reinforcement to encourage safer play with toys like this.

Are dog toys safe?

All Purina TOTAL CARE toys go through stringent testing of their strength and materials. All our toys are Bisphenol A (BPA) free. As pet lovers, we understand every pet is individual and has different needs. Which is why we have a range of toys available, however not all toys will be suitable for every pet. When it comes to dogs no toy is indestructible, discourage chewing of toys and please always remove any damaged toys immediately. Remember to supervise your pet when using any toy.

If you suspect that your pet has ingested anything that should not be eaten by a pet, consult your Vet.

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