How to Make a Stylish Indoor Cat Garden

Bring The Outside in With an Indoor Cat Garden 

Keeping an indoor cat happy and healthy not only means providing them with food, love and care, but it also means keeping their environment enriched. With a little inspiration, you can keep your favourite feline content by bringing the outdoors inside with an indoor cat garden. 

Non-toxic plants and herbs are a great way to add colour and texture to your decor while satisfying your favourite feline’s natural instincts. The cool crisp green on their paws will spark their curiosity, and make them feel like they’re outside. 

The Perfect Spot 

To start, think of some areas in your home where you’d like to get a little creative with greenery. If you live in an apartment, you can save valuable floor space by placing your cat garden on top of an existing piece of furniture like a side table or cabinet, integrating lush greens into your décor. 

Another ideal spot is near a window. With the sunlight streaming in, not only will your plants thrive, but your feline friend will love basking in the warmth. 

Feline-friendly Plants 

If you want to create a mini herb garden for your cat, consider lemongrass and mint. Cats love the scent of these herbs and they are non-toxic to felines. If you would prefer having an indoor flower garden consider the beautiful moth orchids or African violets. 

However, it’s important to keep your cat’s safety in mind as plants and animals often don’t mix well. Cats love greenery and will often sniff and chew on certain plants they enjoy, so it’s best to make sure that the plants in your cat garden are safe for feline consumption. 

Here are Some Feline-friendly Options to Consider: 

Catnip – A popular choice. Cats will get a burst of energy when they smell it. When ingested, cats can become mellow and calm. 

Cat grass – It’s a great source of fibre that also aids digestion. You can either grow it from seed or buy a ready planted and grown pot of it. 

Valerian – It provides an effect similar to that of catnip. Don’t be surprised if you notice your cat starts rolling around and being extra playful 

Lemongrass – With a light lemon scent, it offers great health benefits. It is a natural antibacterial diuretic, and helps with digestion in cats. Lemongrass essential oil, however, can be toxic to felines, so store it safely and securely. 

When it comes to creating your indoor cat garden, buying organic soil without any added pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers is your safest bet. Also, find planters that your cat won’t be able to knock over easily. Low sided pots are a great option, that way your cat can still reach the grass and herbs but won't be able to sit in them. 

 Once you have everything you need, you can start to transfer and plant your grass and herbs. Start with two or three plants and gauge your cat’s reaction to them. You may have to experiment a bit to find their favourite plant combination. 

 Always make sure to monitor how your cat reacts to the plants. Some cats can be very sensitive and overconsumption can lead to an upset stomach. If you’re ever unsure as to what herbs or plants are feline friendly, it’s best to double check with your veterinarian.    

Styling and Decor 

To make your cat garden more appealing to your cat, you can even set up a scratching post to mimic a tree and have a water source like a cat fountain nearby. For extra comfort, add a blanket or bed so your cat can take a snooze in their green haven.     

If you’re feeling inspired, get those gardening gloves on and have fun planting beautiful plants and fragrant herbs for you and your feline friend to enjoy. 

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