Adult Transition - 21 Months

Turning 21 is a big moment in anyone’s life, no matter whether you’re a person or a pet! And even though your pup is just celebrating being 21 months old, it’s still an important milestone for that furry, four legged member of the family!

You see, your pup’s 21st is all about realising they’re almost there! Your big puppy is standing on the edge of adulthood, but believe it or not, they still have more growing to do. And after coming this far, we, like you, are keen to make sure your masterpiece of a mutt is finished off the right way!

That means hanging on to their ‘puppy-hood’ right up until they hit that 24 month milestone. So here’s how to make sure your puppy doesn’t grow up too fast in those final stages of their youth.

It begins in the bowl

  • Keep your puppy on its Purina “Large Breed Puppy” food right up until their 2nd birthday (at 24 months of age). Studies have shown that giant breeds like yours are still growing up to this age and therefore need the support this food provides.
  • “Large Breed” puppy food has a specially formulated level of protein, carbohydrate and fat to make sure large breed puppies have all the fuel they need to grow to their potential. Importantly, the calcium and phosphorous levels are perfectly balanced to make sure your pup grows at a controlled rate and does its best to avoid joint problems like OCD, hip and elbow dysplasia.

Keep an eye on their waistline

  • Keep them lean and they’ll love you for it: Even though they might look as though they could eat all day, the fact is that they’ll live a longer and happier life if they’re kept lean.
  • The last thing developing joints need is to be carrying extra weight. They’re already likely to be feeling the strain of the extra load as your puppy grows. If you keep the excess weight away, their hips, elbows, wrists and knees will be more than pleased and most likely avoid orthopaedic issues as well as early onset arthritis.

It ends with exercise

  • Exercising is not only a great way to keep the weight off, it also makes for a healthy way of life. But doing the right exercise while their joints are developing is important.
  • While they’re still growing, leash walks and runs are the form of exercise the experts recommend. Try to limit ball and Frisbee chasing to only small and occasional bursts. Too much and you’ll wear out their joints well before their time.

So now the 21st speech is out of the way and you’re heading in the right direction with your exceptional feeding routine, all that’s left to do is begin planning for your big dog’s, big 2nd birthday! Good luck!