Kitten Articles

From advice on keeping your kitten entertained, litter training tips and staying on top of their vaccinations, we cover it all. Whatever it is that you’d like to know more about, we’ve got expert advice to help you on your path as a new kitten owner.


Kitten Proof Your Home

Need to kitten proof your home? Our top kitten proofing tips will help you ensure your curious kitten is safe from the dangers in your household. Read more


Separation Anxiety

Does your kitten have separation anxiety? Discover our top tips to help your kitten with separation anxiety and how they can be comfortable alone. Read more


Kitten Exercise

Learn the best way to ensure your kitten gets enough exercise, including kitten games, kitten teething toys and interactive cat toys. Read more


Training Kittens

From toilet training, litter box training and getting your kitten to use a scratching post. Follow our guide for the best results in training your kitten. Read more


Raising Kittens: Eight Steps To The Perfect Cat

Raising a kitten can be a daunting task which is why we created this easy guide. From knowing the best kitten food to desexing and teething. Read more


When To Switch Kitten Food To Adult Cat Food

Find out the right time to switch your kitten to adult cat food, what the different is between kitten and adult food and why it's necessary to transition. Read more