Dog Articles

Do you have a question about your dog's health, behaviour , feeding habits or more? We work with animal experts such as Dr Jo Righetti, Animal Behaviourist, to find the information and help you need to ensure every moment with your dog is the best.


Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

Do dogs eat grass because they are unwell, hungry or bored? Find out why your dog eats grass and what the best grass for dogs is. Read more


Quirky Dog Habits

From burying and hiding food, chasing tails, dogs licking other dogs or face licking. Learn about dogs and their funny habits and why they do what they do. Read more


Living In An Apartment With Your Dog

With apartment living on the rise, so to are the amount of dogs living in smaller places. Follow our guide on making apartment living more comfortable. Read more


Sick Dog Symptoms - Know The Signs

Learn how to tell if your dog is sick by watching out for the common symptoms of dog illnesses. Minor illnesses could be treated at home but some may require a vet. Read more


Exercise Dogs For Health

Find out how much exercise a dog needs by breed and help them stay in shape by reading our tips on exercising dogs for health, fitness and fun. Read more


Creating A Dog First Aid Kit

Putting a DIY dog first aid kit together is important so that you're prepared for accidents. Follow our list to ensure you pack the essentials. Read more