Is Purina Halal?
Purina pet food products are not halal certified. Halal is a certification reserved only for human food. Click here to view our range of brands and products.

Does Purina export its products?
Yes. Several of Purina’s dry cat products, such as Fancy Feast, are exported to countries in Asia.

What do the symbols on your packaging mean? Isn’t this halal?
The symbol used on our packaging is a requirement of some export markets we sell to. This symbol confirms that the product complies to all export regulations and has been manufactured in a pork free factory. It is not a halal certification.

Is there a cost to be certified?
Yes, all certification programs and approval processes incur costs; this is a normal part of export. Purina does not pass these costs onto our consumers for any of our products.

Isn't Purina part of Nestlé? Aren't they halal?
Purina is proudly part of Nestlé.

Nestlé has a small number of products that are halal certified. For more information regarding Nestlé’s halal products, you can read more here.

What brands and products do Purina produce?
The Purina product range includes many of the best known and best-loved pet care brands found in Australia. Featuring a range of pet food recipes, treats and accessories to suit every life-stage from kittens and puppies through to senior cats and dogs and everything in between, our pet products are designed with your pet's health and happiness in mind. You can view the full range here.

Who do I contact if I have any concerns about Purina products?
Reach out to our PetCare Advice team by calling 1800-738-238, Live Chat or contact us here. 

My dog/cat’s favourite pet food or treat has been discontinued. What should I do?
A member of our team is ready to help you find a new product for your dog or cat. Contact us here so we can help you find a pet food that is 100% complete and balanced for your pet’s life stage and style.

Do I need to introduce new food gradually to my dog or cat?

You should consider transitioning gradually to new pet foods to help eliminate any digestive upsets. We recommend you introduce a new pet food over a period of 7 – 10 days to help avoid digestive upset. The first day we recommend missing 10 percent of the new food with 90 percent of the current food. Each day, increase the amount of the new food while decreasing the amount of the current food. For more information Live Chat with our team or call them on 1800-738-238.


How does Purina support the community?
Nestle Purina PetCare is proud of our partnership with Animal Welfare League Australia. Purina proudly supports Animal Welfare League Australia by providing food for animals in need, as well as a broader commitment to ensuring that animals in shelters, as well as homes, receive quality nutrition and care.


If you have any further questions about Purina’s products or packaging, please call our PetCare Advice team on 1800 738 238 or contact us here.