Creating the perfect sun spot for your cat

Mar 09, 2018

Creating the perfect sun spot for your cat

As temperatures rise over the summer months, you may find yourself wondering why your cat insists on positioning itself in the full heat of the sun. 

Rest assured it hasn’t lost its mind. All cats are biologically programmed to seek out warmth. And there are simple things you can do to help create the perfect sun-snoozing spot for your feline friend. But first, let’s look at the reasons behind this behaviour.

Cats are natural born sun-seekers

It’s important to remember that cats have a higher body temperature than humans, so they tolerate the heat better that we do.

The reason they seek out extra warmth is so they don’t have to waste valuable energy generating it themselves. Cats are highly efficient that way. So when you see your furry companion basking in the sun, it’s actually using the warmth to help make up for the slight drop in body temperature that happens when cats fall asleep.

Another interesting fact is that cats have fewer heat receptors than we do. Humans feel pain when our skin temperature reaches around 45°C, whereas cats may not show pain until the temperature of their skin reaches 52°C. This means that cats risk staying in contact with hot surfaces longer than they should, increasing the chances of burning themselves. So as a caring owner, make sure they don’t get too close to heaters and stove tops and keep a watchful eye out for any sunburn on their nose and tips of ears from long periods of exposure to sun.  

How to create the perfect sun spot for your cat

Now you understand your cat’s behaviour, let’s look at how you can help create more of those delicious moments in the sun.

  1. Keep sunny window sills clutter free

    A sunny window sill is the perfect spot for a warm snooze, so clear away vases and other ornaments to make it cat-nap ready. Otherwise your feline friend might clear it for you.

  2. Position a comfy rug under inaccessible windows

    Anywhere the sun streams in has serious kitty-snooze potential. So position a chair or rug to create a makeshift sleeping spot. Your cat will love you for it.

  3. Add a window perch for comfort

    No window sill? No problem. Install a window perch, a cat-sized snoozing shelf that can be mounted on or below a window, and watch your cat cosy-up and make itself at home.

  4. Elevate their position

    Cats like to sleep out of harm’s way, preferably with a view of any potential predators (or vacuum cleaners) that might be approaching. So look for an elevated position where your cat can truly relax.

  5. Reduce draft

    Just as you might find it difficult to get to sleep in a drafty room, so do cats. A cooling draft defeats the purpose of finding their perfect sunny spot. So help them out by reducing any unwanted breeze.

  6. Follow the sun

    Your cat will probably only stay put until the sun moves on – at which point he or she probably will too. And it could be disheartening if you’ve spent money on a custom-made window perch, only to find your cat isn’t interested in using it. So watch how the sun moves through your house and create your cat’s sun spot in the place it lingers longest.