Befriend a Bengal

King of the urban jungle


Originally known as the leopardette, the Bengal is a hybrid of the Asian leopard and the domestic cat. These days, the Bengal is well and truly domesticated, with stunning markings and an alluring charm that make it a truly unique breed.


The highly distinctive coat is either spotted or marbled. In the leopard-like Bengal, spots are dark and pronounced, with a strong contrast to the background colour. A marbled coat has more of an organic design, with markings swirling around the cat’s body. Colours are varied – with shades of brown, sepia, mink and sliver tabby. Some cats even have a gold shimmer.


In contrast to its exotic appearance, the Bengal’s coat is soft and silky smooth. It’s nice and short too, which means a weekly brush is all you need to keep their coat in top condition.


Cat Facts

  • Temperament: Highly active and intelligent
  • Size: 4-8kg
  • Lifespan: 10-16 years
  • Maintenance: Low

The cat who thinks he’s a dog

Spend a little time with a Bengal, and you’ll soon discover they’re no ordinary cat. While they may look like a feline, their behaviour is distinctly dog-like. With an abundance of energy and extreme intelligence, the Bengal is always on high alert, ready to tackle anything you throw at it. They love to learn, and can be easily trained to fetch and walk on a lead, just like a dog.


A large cat with an athletic body, the Bengal loves to climb and enjoys the great outdoors. They even like playing in water. With so much energy and enthusiasm, it’s important to keep the Bengal entertained. Climbing trees, toys and puzzle games are a must to prevent them from getting bored (and being destructive).


The Bengal craves attention and will love spending time with you. They are also very vocal, and will strike up lots of animated conversations!


A family favourite

The Bengal’s outgoing nature makes them a perfect addition to a family. They’re smart enough to get out of the way of clumsy toddlers, but love older children who match their energy levels and curiosity. Kids will love playing games and teaching them tricks.


Being a confident cat, nothing scares the Bengal, including dogs. They will happily make friends with cat-friendly dogs and other cats. As with any new addition, introduce pets slowly for a smooth transition.


In summary, the Bengal is a beautiful breed that provides endless entertainment. Their dog-like traits add to their allure – along with exotic markings that will take your breath away.


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