How to trim your cat's claws

Oct 18, 2018

Just like us, our cat’s nails need regular trimming every week or two. This prevents them curling into talons that can grow into their pads.

If your feline friend is the outdoorsy type, their nails may be getting filed naturally with exposure to harsh surfaces. To see if this is the case, squeeze your cat’s paw to reveal the claws… are they long and sharp? Or short and smooth? If they’re long, you may want to consider a regular trim.

Cutting your cat’s claws needn’t be daunting – it’s easy once you know how. It can even be a great way to bond with your cat, particularly when there’s a reward involved, Fancy Feast® Puree Kiss worked a treat for us.

To get your cat accustomed to manicures, practice pressing their paw pads to make the claws pop out. Hold a claw up to the light and take a good look. The translucent tip is where you want to cut, and the pink quick at the base is the area to avoid.

Invest in a good set of nail clippers specifically designed for cats – you can find these at pet specialty stores. Start with a couple of claws per session and build up to more over time. For a step-by-step guide on how to trim your cat's claws, check out the video below.