Bringing Home A New Kitten

It’s such a joy bringing a kitten into your life. But before bringing your new kitten home, you’ll need to stock up on a few things:

  • Food and water bowls
  • Dry kitten food
  • Wet kitten food
  • Litter tray
  • Tidy Cats Litter
  • Warm Cuddly Bed
  • Toys

Settling in your new kitten on their first night

When your kitten arrives home she may be scared, so give her lots of cuddles. A warm cuddly bed will help her feel safe, and while she may go into hiding at first, it shouldn’t take her long to come out of her shell.

In the first few days, keep her in a small area like a bedroom or laundry, then gradually let her out to explore more of your home. If you plan on letting them outside make sure they have a collar.

Feeding kittens

After mother’s milk, the best source of nutrition is complete and balanced cat food that’s been specifically developed for growing kittens.

Complete and balanced cat food not only has the right proteins, fats and carbohydrates, it also contains necessary vitamins and minerals. And while most cats love wet food, adding dry food can help reduce tartar build-up on your kitten’s teeth.

We suggest feeding your kitten three times a day for the first six months. From six to 12 months you can reduce feeding to twice a day, continuing with her favourite kitten food. Cats are grazers, so wet food morning and night, with dry food available throughout the day seems to work for most people.

Foods that can be toxic to cats include chocolate, onions and dairy products, so avoid these completely. And despite common myths, kittens do not need cows milk. In fact, cow’s milk can make kittens sick and give them diarrhoea as they struggle to digest it properly.

Once kittens are weaned, water is all they need for daily hydration. Make sure your kitten has access to fresh water at all times. You may need to invest in a heavy bowl so she doesn’t knock it over during play time.

Kitten toilet training

In the first few days, gently guide your kitten to the litter, particularly after eating and playing. If she has an accident, don’t punish her as she won’t know what she’s done wrong.

Get into the routine of cleaning out her deposits every day, and replace the tray with new litter each week. Cats are very fussy and will simply go somewhere else if it’s not up to scratch.

Playing with your kitten

Kittens need mental stimulation and physical enrichment every day. A tunnel provides hours of fun, along with balls, toys and pretty much anything that moves. Playing is a great way for you and your kitten to bond, and it’s sure to bring you both a lot of joy.

PURINA for kittens

PURINA offers formulas specifically tailored to meet the needs of growing kittens:

FANCY FEAST® Kitten Tender Whitefish wet food

PRO PLAN® Kitten with OPTISTART dry food (available at Petbarn & PetStock only)

TOTAL CARE® Palatable Allwormer for Cats and Young Kittens

TIDY CATS® Changing the litter game