The Allure of Tabbies and Torties

While Tabbies and Torties aren’t technically a breed, we simply had to include these colorful characters. These happy-go-lucky cats are packed with personality and have been known to bring entire communities together. Friendly, playful, and affectionate, they love to spend time with you.

Most Australian Tabbies are domestic cats – either short, medium, or long-haired. That said, the Tabby coat is also common to a range of pedigree cats, including the Maine Coon, Abyssinian, Manx, Devon Rex, and many more.

Colorful Inside and Out

The Tabby has a variety of coats that would put a department store to shame. The most common is the mackerel pattern with thin, evenly spaced stripes that resemble a fish skeleton (hence the name). Then there’s the classic – with big thick stripes like a marble cake. Tabbies can even have spots or just a few markings on their face, and did you know that all Tabbies have a distinctive M on their forehead?

Around 80% of ginger Tabbies are male, usually with a lovable, bubbly temperament. While they may act like Top Cat in the street, they’re homebodies at heart and will love to come home and curl up with you.

Last, but certainly not least, there’s the Tortoiseshell, in countless combinations of black, red, and everything in between. Patterns are wide and varied, from solid patches in various colors, often including Tabby, to a gorgeous two-toned marbled effect. Their paw pads can also be different colors – one of their many adorable features!

Almost all Torties are female. They are adventure seekers, full of personality. Some can be feisty at times – but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Happy Families

As one of the most outgoing and friendly cats, the Tabby is ideal for families. They will happily play with young children and tolerate the odd tail-pull. Torties can be a little more sensitive, so it’s best to meet them before making a commitment.

Easy Does It

Domestic cats love to hunt and will happily explore the garden searching for prey, so if you plan on keeping them indoors, be sure to provide lots of toys to keep them occupied. Their love of food makes them prone to overeating, so keep an eye on their portion sizes.

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