Cat Shedding Control

Unless you’re the proud owner of a hairless Sphynx, you probably have a collection of cat hair around your house. Whether it’s on the bed and lounge, or random tumbleweeds rolling down the hallway, it’s amazing just how much a cat can shed.

And how is it that they’re always so quick to find the freshly washed laundry?

Here are a few ways to combat your little shedding machine, and work towards a hair-free home.

Lint Brush

An oldie but a goodie, the lint brush is an easy way to remove hair. While it’s useful for small areas with minimal build-up, you may need to look at something more powerful for regular use.

All Washed up

An affordable hair remover could be right under your nose – the simple rubber glove. A great way to get cat hair off fabric, you’ll be surprised just how much it picks up, even after vacuuming.

Lint Roller

With its super-sticky surface, cat hair is easily removed with this ingenious little invention. Simply roll over the surface and voila – the hair is magically transferred to the roller. This is a great one for clothes. The only downside is that you need to regularly replace the rolls.

Dust Buster

Another easy way to remove cat hair is with a powered dust buster. However, this method depends on your surface. While it’s very effective on smooth surfaces like floors and tables, you’ll need a backup for fabric surfaces.

Pet Vacuum

Australia has a wide range of vacuum cleaners specifically designed to remove pet hair. Those with a detachable hand-held vacuum are great, as they can be used daily on the lounge, bed or anywhere else cat hair is accumulating. Remember, you get what you pay for, so it’s worth investing in the best you can afford.

Slip Cover

If you’re not interested in the daily chore of hair removal, or have expensive furniture to protect, a slip cover could be for you. No longer the domain of grandma, tailored covers are designed to safeguard your chairs and lounges, and come in a range of contemporary fabrics. Of course, if you have trouble finding something to suit your décor, a gorgeous blanket will do the trick.

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