How To Teach A Dog To Sit

Training a dog the “sit” command is the first training exercise you should attempt, and one of the most important commands your dog will ever learn.

How to teach “Sit”

  • Take a treat and show it to your pet.
  • When your dog shows interest in it, he will follow it with his head, trying to get at it.
  • Hold the treat above your dog’s head so he looks up, then take it to just behind his nose so that he has to move his head backwards
  • The only way your dog can reach the treat is to put his bottom on the floor.
  • The moment he does so, press your clicker and give him the treat and lots of praise.
  • Within a few attempts, your dog will know how to earn his click and treat, and his sit response will get quicker.
  • When he fully understands what is expected, say "Sit" as he sits, so he learns to associate the word with the action.
  • Now you have added the cue, with practice you will be able to ask him to sit rather than lure him into position with the treat.

Mastered teaching your dog to “sit”? Take a look at some of the other basic dog commands.


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