Train Dogs To Lie Down

Teaching your dog to “lie down” is another all-important command for your dog to learn.

How to teach “Down”
Remember, “Down” is the command to get your dog to lie down. Don’t confuse him by saying "Down" if you want him to get off the sofa. Use "Off" instead.

Hold a treat in your hand with a bit sticking out so your dog can see it.
Show it to your dog, then place your hand on the floor. Your dog will try every which way to get at the treat.
Eventually, he will lie down. The moment he does, press your clicker and treat.
Keep at it, and when he understands that your hand on the floor means you want him to lie down add the command "Down" when he does the action.
With practice, he will go down on command, without the treat.
Teaching basic commands is an important way to create communication between you and your dog.


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