This breed is truly a living piece of history, revered by the Bedouin tribesmen, and as highly valued as an Arabian horse. In the days of the great Sheiks, the Sloughi was one of the most prized possessions, and you can imagine what happened if anyone should harm a Sloughi! They are as noble and proud as the Bedouin themselves, who decorate the Sloughi with talismans and amulets. Bedouin women have been known to nurse Sloughi puppies should the need arise. When a Bedouin goes visiting, his Sloughi is treated with the same respect as any honoured guest, and tribesmen will willingly give up their blanket for their Sloughi should they be cold. And when the Sloughi dies, the grief of the Bedouin is apparent and the hound is mourned with much dignity. There is evidence of the Sloughi dating back to the Ancient Egyptians, and indeed a mummified body of a Sloughi has been discovered in a tomb.



The Sloughi is a medium sized, short-coated dog.  

Size Medium
Colour They come in various colours, cream, red, sand, fawn, with or without black mask, also brown mantle, and various brindle colourings
Coat Length Short Smooth
Weight/Height Range The Sloughi should measure between 60-70cms and weigh between 20-27kgs.
Ailments There are no recorded incidents of hereditary problems in the breed.
Breed Classification The Sloughi is a member of the hound group. They were originally bred as sight, scent and sound dogs and today are used for hunting and as companions.

Feeding & Ownership

The Sloughi is an undemanding dog to feed with no special dietary requirements; they generally have a good appetite.

Food Cost $10 to $15



They are devoted to their family, therefore once you have a Sloughi, it is yours for life, they do not change homes easily. They are not a noisy hound, and like most hounds seem to have an affinity with children. They are independent dogs that have an inbuilt desire to hunt and have the stamina to keep going. Cats and other small animals are seen as prey to this dog that hasn’t been socialised with them from an early age. Not a breed suited to someone who has little time.


Intelligence They are intelligent, like to learn and fairly obedient, training should be consistent and early socialisation is a must.
Energy High
Suitability for Children High
Tendency to Bark Low
Overall Exercise Requirement These dogs require lots of exercise. Once on the scent of game they will run and run.
Suitability as a Guard Dog Medium
Ease of Transportation Medium
Level of Aggression Low
Other Animal Compatibility Low



They are a clean manageable breed, they do not like to be dirty in any way, and will wash themselves cat fashion if their coats become soiled.  These shorthaired coats can be groomed using a rubber-grooming mitt.

Grooming RequirementsUp to once a week
Amount of Hair ShedLittle

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