This dog is an ancient breed, it has been noted in paintings and writings from the 4th and 5th centuries BC. It is thought to have come about from crossing a mastiff type dog with an Egyptian coursing hound. In the 1700’s Italian hunters developed this dog for hunting, tracking and pointing game. Before guns were used for hunting these dogs were used to drive game into the hunters nets. The first of these dogs arrived in the UK in the late 1980’s and today they are still few in number.



The Bracco Italiano is a large sized, strong, muscular, active dog with a fine, short coat. They have a distinctively shaped head, long ears and well-developed jowls, resembling the bloodhound and basset.


Size Large
Colour They can be orange and white, orange roan, chestnut and white or chestnut roan in colour.
Coat Length Short Smooth
Weight/Height Range Dogs should measure between 58-67cms at the withers and bitches should ideally measure between 55-62cms at the withers. Weight ranges between 25-40kgs, in proportion to the height of the dog.

The Bracco Italiano appears to be a healthy breed that suffers from few health problems. It is best to purchase a puppy from stock that has been hip and eye tested.

Breed Classification The Bracco Italiano is a member of the gundog group. They were originally used for tracking, retrieving and pointing; today they are used in field trials, as gundogs and companions.

Feeding & Ownership


In general the Bracchi are good eaters. As puppies they should have a nutritious diet to ensure the proper formation of the bones and joints.


Food Cost $15 to $20



They are intelligent, faithful and loving dogs, which get on well with children and other dogs. They are ideally suited to the active country dwelling family and will happily be both family and working dogs in one. They can adapt to living in a flat as long as they are given adequate exercise. They are not the best breed for the novice owner.


Intelligence They are not a difficult dog to train as long as there is consistency and firmness in the training. They are intelligent and eager to learn and to please. It should be remembered that this dog is sensitive and therefore training should be carried out in a gentle manner.
Energy High
Suitability for Children High
Tendency to Bark Low
Overall Exercise Requirement The Bracco Italiano is a country dog at heart, enjoying long walks and runs in the countryside. They love to swim and retrieve and if they are not given enough exercise they can be boisterous! They mature at about 3 years of age.
Suitability as a Guard Dog Medium
Ease of Transportation Medium
Level of Aggression Low
Other Animal Compatibility High



The coat of the Bracco Italiano is smooth and short. Any dead or loose hairs can be removed using a grooming mitt once or twice a week.


Grooming Requirements Up to once a week
Amount of Hair Shed Little

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