The Basset Fauvre de Bretagne is the smaller of the two hounds that come from the Brittany area of France in the 1800's. They were achieved by crossing the larger version, the Griffon Fauve de Bretagne, and low-legged hounds from the Vendee area and were originally used for small-game hunting. The earlier versions of the breed probably looked more like terriers than what we know today. In addition to their homeland, BFB's are now popular in Britain and are now recognised by the Kennel Club.



Neat little hounds that are typical 'Basset' in appearance i.e. long bodies and short legs! They have very harsh, dense coats. They are very quick off the mark and stride out well.


Size Medium
Colour BFB's come in various shades of fawn and red-wheaten. Some may have a little white on the chest.
Coat Length Short Medium 
Weight/Height Range Both dogs and bitches measure between 32 to 38cms at the withers and weigh between 16 to 18kgs.
Ailments This is a hardy breed with no problems being recorded to date.
Breed Classification The Basset Fauve de Bretagne belongs to the hound group and is used as a gundog, companion and seen in the show-ring. In France they are used to hunt rabbits.

Feeding & Ownership


These dogs are not fussy eaters.


Food Cost $10 to $15
Other Expenses After the initial purchase price, the only outlay will be for plucking the coat twice a year but this is relatively easy to learn to do yourself.



Cheerful little dogs who can have minds of their own! They are intelligent, friendly, brave and very active. This breed gets along well with children and other household pets. Not really guard dogs, they will however announce strangers at the door. They are unhappy if kept confined for too long and love to have busy, full lives and to be involved with all family matters.


Intelligence Intelligent dogs who are hounds through and through. They must be trained to recall as puppies or they will turn a 'deaf ear' on you and come back when it suits them!
Energy Medium
Suitability for Children High
Tendency to Bark Medium
Overall Exercise Requirement For their size, BFB's need a reasonable amount of exercise. They love to romp and play and have a passion for hunting so care must be taken when they are off the lead.
Suitability as a Guard Dog Low
Ease of Transportation High
Level of Aggression Low
Other Animal Compatibility High



Easy to maintain, these dogs just need their coats combed through regularly and plucked twice a year. Whilst their coats should never be trimmed, the excess hair around their ear passages should be removed.


Grooming Requirements Once A Week
Amount of Hair Shed Little

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